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    Angry N72 and Internet Radio


    Seems that there were some kind of bug with N72 Internet radio? Or is it some feature?

    Phone sw version: 031.023 ( newest version of N72 )

    Test steps:
    1. Start the Internet Radio, listen some of canal.
    2. Start / Answer a phone call.

    Expected result:
    The voice of internet radio will continue?

    Occurred result:
    The voice of internet radio does not continue.


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    Re: N72 and Internet Radio

    This discussion board caters to issues faced by developers. For end users issues and peer support please post your query in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Good Luck!!

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    Re: N72 and Internet Radio

    And regardless of whether this is a bug or a feature in the N72 Internet Radio app, the N72 is several years old (introduced in 2006), and has not had any firmware updates since 2008, it is unlikely that Nokia will ever fix/address this issue for the N72. You just have to live with it for as long as you keep your N72.

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