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    Post Creation of Flash Video Decoder


    I am starting a project to allow S60 to play flash videos directly without browser or the built in stand alone player. Then I will use this library to create javame library (JNI) and also both C and C++ APIs for doing flash video decoding. It will be for S60. But it is going to take some time I think since I am newbie to codecs etc; I have a lot of base information to study up on. Any help would be appreciated to push me forward in this endeavor; URLs, Books etc... It should be a fun endeavor too!

    I think very few devices support JNI but only the advanced javame devices would handle this anyways; I think.


    PS: To those using my FTP library I would like to know issues, problems and/or ideas of expansion for it and what you think about creating analog of javamail api for j2me too.
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    Re: Creation of Flash Video Decoder

    No JME (J2ME, MIDP/CLDC) implementation I know of, supports JNI. In other words, a Java application has no means to directly make use of "native" components. Also, writing a video decoder MIDlet is most probably going to be too slow to be useful, and hard for anyone else to make use of in their MIDlets, unless you provide the source code. (A MIDlet can communicate with a native component on the same device through file I/O or local socket calls, but that's not going to be very useful if the native component is a video decoder and the MIDlet is supposed to be controlling/showing the video.)

    I don't see much point in you attempting to make a Flash Video decoder in/for JME. I'm not even sure if it is worth bothering to make a native C/C++ version, either. Well, I guess someone might want it, but if there's enough of an "audience" to justify the effort, I don't know.

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