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Thread: IMEI numbers

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    IMEI numbers

    Does anybody know if there is a publically available allocation table describing IMEI number ranges and Phone types?

    TIA for any help

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    IMEI can be ivewed by pressing *#06#

    The first 6 digits are the Type Approval Code.
    The next 2 digits are the Final Assembly Code.
    The next 6 digits are the Serial Number.

    If there is another single digit left it is a check digit. Not all phones display it. It just makes sure the IMEI is valid.

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    IMEI Numbers

    Cool, I take it there isn't a database relating the Type approval code to manufacturer ID? (or even better handset type).

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    Type Approval Codes From IMEI

    I have done a bit of searching and here is a (probbaly incomplete) table of the TAC so far.

    01 AEG
    02 AEG
    07 Motorola
    10 Nokia
    20 Nokia
    30 Ericsson
    40 Motorola
    40 Siemens
    41 Siemens
    44 Siemens
    50 Bosch
    51 Sony
    51 Siemens
    51 Ericsson
    60 Alcatel
    61 Ericsson
    65 AEG
    70 Sagem
    75 Dancall
    80 Philips
    85 Panasonic

    Does anyone have the TAC for Sendo phones for example or any others????

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    Re: IMEI numbers

    I found this thread because I was looking for the exact same thing .. since I found something (even though this is a really old thread) figured I'd post it

    There's a really really good list, maintained a bit available at

    http://www.nobbi.com/ from the TAC-Datenbank link

    (full list at http://www.nobbi.com/tacdb.php?searc...ortby=t&lang=1 )

    If you want the complete and upto date list, I think you've to subscribe to the auth body for something like $15,000 a year or something (ripoff?)

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