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    loadMovieNum error Flashlite 3

    I have created two swfs both stored in same folder and jump between them using loadMovieNum("filename.swf",0);

    Whichever of the files I start with is fine and I can jump tp the other. But when I try to jump back again, I get a message: "Unable to find file 'C:/Data/Others/menu.swfwf[][][][]' and some garbled characters.

    It is as if I have placed these characters in the loadMovieNum call, which I haen;t. It works fine in the emulator, but not on the phone, Nokia 6720.

    thanks for any ideas

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    Re: loadMovieNum error Flashlite 3

    Hi, You should try loadMovie or the MovieClipLoader class.

    Differences between loadMovie and loadMovieNum

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