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    Reading Unicode File from a Resource

    Hey guys,

    I'm using J2ME to develop a MIDlet on a Nokia S40 device.
    I'm also using kXml to read an xml file from a resource file.
    When the xml file is in english, there is no problem. But when I try to read non english characters from the file, I get weird character on the screen.

    Lets say I have a StringItem called 'item'.

    item.setText("non-english-text"); // - works and display the text perfectly on the device.
    item.setText(readXml()); // - shows weird characters on the screen (probably doesn't handle the UTF-8 because it shows an 'x' after every character which probably stands for \n. The text looks somewhat like this "£xåx█x█x▐x")

    this is the code that reads the xml file:
    m_parser = new XmlParser(new InputStreamReader(this.getClass().getResourceAsStream(file_name)));

    any ideas?


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    Did you have a look at the Javadoc about InputStreamReader? Is there a reason not use use kXML2? With that, you do not have to create a Reader and specify an encoding at all because it does auto-detection from the InputStream.
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