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    Angry "Unable to execute the file for security reason(-46)"


    I try to open the link http://songs.galatta.com/music/langu...troduction.mp3using the web client engine. But while running the app i'm getting an panic "Unable to execute the file for security reason(-46)".
    When i saw my log file, the error was occurred in WebClientEngine.cpp's OpensessionL method.
    My code:
    void CWebClientEngine::OpenSessionL()
    	LOGTXT("In OPenSessionL Method");
        if (iSessionOpened) return;
        // Open RHTTPSession with default protocol ("HTTP/TCP")
        TRAPD( err, iSession.OpenL() );
        if( err != KErrNone ) {
            // Most common error; no access point configured, and session creation
            // leaves with KErrNotFound.
        	iObserver.ClientOpenSessionFailedL( *this, err );
            User::Leave( err );
        LOGTXT("User Session starts");
    	User::LeaveIfError(iConnection.Start());//Error occured Line//
    	LOGTXT("User Session ends");
    	RStringPool strP = iSession.StringPool();
    	RHTTPConnectionInfo connInfo = iSession.ConnectionInfo();
    	connInfo.SetPropertyL ( strP.StringF(HTTP::EHttpSocketServ, RHTTPSession::GetTable() ), THTTPHdrVal (iSocketServ.Handle()) );
    	TInt connPtr = REINTERPRET_CAST(TInt, &(iConnection));
    	connInfo.SetPropertyL ( strP.StringF(HTTP::EHttpSocketConnection, RHTTPSession::GetTable() ), THTTPHdrVal (connPtr) );
    	LOGTXT("HTTP Socket Connection");
        // Install this class as the callback for authentication requests. When 
        // page requires authentication the framework calls GetCredentialsL to get 
        // user name and password.
        InstallAuthenticationL( iSession );
        iSessionOpened = true;

    Pls help me to sort the problem.

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    Re: "Unable to execute the file for security reason(-46)"

    you should already know that you get this error, because you are missing a capability for the API function call. So check documentations for the API, and make sure you have all required capabilities in your process.

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