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    Talking Creating a new entry on the footer menu

    Hi Guys,

    I am totally new to WRT development but I have a lot of experiencing developing for other mobile platforms.

    My question is: I am using WRTkit to create an interface. I a see on the bottom of the screen a bar (?) that has two entries: OPTIONS and EXIT. I would like to create two more entries PREVIOUS and NEXT, so the bar will be: Options, Previous, Next and Exit.

    Is it possible to do that? How? If possible, how do I assign a method to run when the entry is clicked?

    thanks for any help.

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    Re: Creating a new entry on the footer menu

    'Options' and 'Exit' are labels that WRT environment generates for the left and right softkeys respectively.

    You cannot change the label for the Option softkey. You can assign javascript to execute from the menu.open event. You can change the label and custom javascript execution of the right softkey (which defaults to Exit). you cannot style these labels or add more lables, because the WRT environment generates this interface and it is not part of your HTML. You can hide the softkey pane, which hides the lables giving more room for your application ui.

    For s60 it is an idiomatic convention to have only 2 softkey labels at the bottom of the screen that function in the user expected manner, either an options menu which opens a menu of options and an exit button. This is a hold over from s60v3 for keypress devices and still applies to s60v5 an newer touch screen phones.

    You might be able to place your prev,next elsewhere in your application and keep the options/exit conventional lables.

    Alternatively, you could hide the softkey pane, create your own footer and set up your own keypress events, but I am not sure if there is a way to trigger javascript from the left/right softkey buttons if you have hidden the softkey pane. You would need to experiment with that. Let us know if you were able to trap keypress events from the softkeys with the softkey pane hidden.

    This will not be so much of an issue with s60v5 because it is a touch device. For s60 v3 people might expect to execute the functions on the button of your screen using the softkeys because that is the convention of s60 keypress devices.

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    Re: Creating a new entry on the footer menu


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