Hello everyone, I am writing 2 apps for s60(5th edition) for using bluetooth(JSR-82) for chatting. One which acts as server the other as client. When i run the apps on the phone(Nokia 5233)the screen does not change at all, it gets stuck while setting up connections.
For Client side code i used the following UUID to search for service and create connection
uuid = new UUID(0x0003);
For Server side code i used the following UUID to create Streamconnection notifier and listen for incoming connections
uuid = new UUID(0x0009);
I think the problem is with these UUIDs, the same works on Sun WTK emulators.Kindly help me solve this problem. Also i couldnt run these on a Nokia Emulator, the emulators i installed either fail to start or run the app. Can u guys suggest the right emulator/SDK also on which i can run these. Please help me out soon.