When I try to run any qt example from qtcreator with the Qt Simulator target active, the application fails to launch. In the application output pane I see:
build/appchooser: symbol lookup error: /home/winfried/generated/qtexamples/appchooser-
build/appchooser: undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget4showEv

When I run the built executable directly from the terminal, the qt simulator launches without problems.

I installed the offline Nokia SDK 1.0 beta linux 32bit on OpenSuse 11.2 32bit in /opt
Downloaded updates.

As per instructions on the wiki I deleted the qtcreator ini files, but that doesn't make any difference.

Should I open a bug report for this?

ps: I don't think it is relevant, but openSuse is running as a virtual machine in Parallels on my Mac since there is no Mac version of the Nokia SDK yet.