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Thread: Tones and gifs

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    Tones and gifs

    Hi I'm really new to all this multimedia mobile stuff so please bare with me if my questions are basic. Firstly using the pc suite sound converter I sent a tune to my mobile, it sounded perfect on the pc but then when I played it from my 5100 it was completely muffled? Secondly how do I get animated gifs onto my phone I can make them on the pc at the right resolution etc but where do I go from their, I use a cable DKU5 to connect to my phone.

    Thank you very much indeed in anticipation of any help on the above

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    have you checked the Product support pages for Nokia 5100 at the Nokia.com web site? You can also contact Club Nokia Careline if the material (FAQs, User´s Guides etc). at the web page is not enough.

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    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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