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    Self-signed Midlets on S40 phones

    I'm trying to deploy a self-signed midlet on my S40 phone (Nokia 2630).

    I've followed instructions I found in this post but since I'm under linux environment I've made everything using openssl and Jetty PKCS12Import. Unfortunately, I could not make it work.

    In summary what I've done was:
    1) Created a CA using openssl, let's call it MyCA
    2) Created a Certificate Signing Request and used MyCA to sign it.
    3) Signed my midlet using the CSR from previous step
    4) Download DEM (.cer) of MyCA to the phone through phone's browser, and installed.

    Then I tried to download my midlet's jad but I got the following error message:
    Certificate not on phone or SIM

    Does anyone have any clue why this is not working?

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    Re: Self-signed Midlets on S40 phones

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!

    Yes, it doesn't work because you cannot sign MIDlets with certificates you created yourself. When you sign a MIDlet, you must use a certificate that matches a root certificate on the device. No, you can't install your own root certificates. For more information about signing, start here.


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