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    How do you remove videoWidget ?

    There are several examples of using QVideoWidget together with QMediaPlayer. The "standard" way of getting the video on the screen is something like this:
    player = new QMediaPlayer(this);

    videoWidget = new QVideoWidget;

    QBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout;

    So far so good and most (all?) of the examples I've seen end up here: video is playing nicely on the screen and after that it is sufficient to exit the application.
    But what if you want to do something else after the video comes to its end? How do you remove it from the screen?
    I have tried several strategies for this but nothing seems to work.

    What is the proper way of clearing the screen from the video (after the video) and putting something else on view instead?

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    Re: How do you remove videoWidget ?

    Did you try

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    Re: How do you remove videoWidget ?


    Yes, sure.
    But the last image where the video ends does not go away from the screen.

    By the way, running this on N5800. If that matters.

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    Re: How do you remove videoWidget ?

    I am having a similar issue and having a very difficult time figuring it out.

    When I try to go back after showing the videowidget I am able to show the new view with setCentralWidget however I cannot interact with it, there's no focus on it.
    It's almost like something from the previously shown videowidget is transparently over-laid over it.

    I have tried many different combinations of trying to hide, removeWidget, etc. but no luck.

    Any ideas on how to get past this?


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