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    Signature Validation Error

    hello all,

    I made a WRT widget using ApiBridge and i used carbide to generate sisx file using self-signed certificate

    and my UID was 0xEB000000(random I chose it) in the unprotected range

    but when installing on s60 emulator 5th edition It said untrusted application so I pressed continue

    then Resulted this MSG ==> "certificate error. contact the application supplier (21)"

    Is there any one know why ??

    thank you


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    Re: Signature Validation Error

    please try uisng un-protected range, it might help. Also check the capabilities you have (and what you would need), and see whether they can be used with self-signing.

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    Re: Signature Validation Error


    OK, but actually i found that the problem is in the apibridge itself
    I installed it on N95 but i failed to install it on 5th edition or 3rd edition emulator

    so this is the problem and i can not know why it gives m the same error



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