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    Blank Options Menu Labels ????

    I use NetBeans to implement a standard ME form. Following problem does NOT occur on the NB Emulator.

    However, when using "Series 40 5th Edition SDK, Feature Pack 1 Lite" and "Series 40 6th Edition SDK" I have the problem.

    I add Commands to the form (have tried several types, OK, ITEM etc)

    Whenever the Emulator moves a Command under the "Options" menu (ie when it takes up Command real-estate for Commands to Insert/Mark/Unmark etc), when I then select the "Options" menu, a place holder for my Command exists but the text associated with the menu entry is blank.

    On NetBeans Emulator, when the Command moving takes place (Under the "Menu" Command) the Command Labels are displayed as expected.

    Any idea what could make a "moved Command"s string value become blank ???

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    Re: Blank Options Menu Labels ????

    Hello neddamluap,

    can you post your full code here for review?

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