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    QContactPresence detail - how?

    How can I find out the presence status for an contact's online account?

    The documentation (http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1...neaccount.html) says:

    "Presence information for a particular QContactOnlineAccount detail is provided in a QContactPresence detail which is linked (via linkedDetailUris()) to the account detail. This information is generally provided by the backend, and is not modifiable by clients."

    On my n900 application for contacts that have skype accounts setup I find the QContactOnlineAccount details with ServiceProvider skype but linkedDetailUris returns an empty array.

    I also tried, just in case, "contact.details(QContactPresence::DefinitionName)" but with no success as expected.

    What is the recommended way to get the presence status? Has anybody accomplished this on the maemo5 platform?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: QContactPresence detail - how?


    You are attempting to fetch the presence information in the correct manner.

    In general, a QContactOnlineAccount detail for which presence is available will have a linkedDetailUri which identifies a QContactPresence detail.

    I will look into this; it is possible that the presence detail has not yet been implemented in the backend. Note that the osso-abook API may not provide access to presence information, in which case it may not be implementable - but I will check this, as I think it should.

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    Re: QContactPresence detail - how?

    Thank you for your reply.

    So I am afraid there is a bug or the function was not implemented because I always get an empty array from QContactOnlineAccount.linkedDetailUris, even for the contacts that have accounts and are online (according to the standard contacts application).


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    Re: QContactPresence detail - how?

    Hi Felipe,
    Presence doesn't work as expected because the Contacts API changed and presence as well as the online details have not been updated in the Maemo5 backend.
    I'm fixing the online details right now.. ... I'll start to take a look to the presence very soon.


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