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    Emulator Connect with Internet

    Hi to all,
    I have made a Application which is run on the Phone successfully which have the Gprs Facility.

    But I want to connect the NetBeans Default Emulator to the internet
    So that i made the testing on the Default Emulator.
    I dont want to put jar file in the Phone and test the Application again and again.
    I Know very well that we connect NetBeans Default Emulator to the internet.
    But How.

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    Re: Emulator Connect with Internet

    Did you develop the complete code for putting the request from the device/emulator as the client and processing the same request on the server side?

    Please note that in order to test the client server app you must have the two side read and working.
    If yes then you can just run the project and see exactly what is gonna happen?
    Let us know the results..
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: Emulator Connect with Internet

    You need a working internet connection on your PC and the default emulator will use it. You may need to unblock the emulator if blocked by your system firewall.

    Or if your PC accesses the internet via web proxy, you need to add the proxy settings to your emulator network setting and you are done.


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