Hi Klen, hi divanov,

I'm an undergraduate student also trying to write AR applications for the N900 via GStreamer, Qt and OpenGL. Since I am currently very inexperienced in all three fields: Could you help me out with a small program, which just receives the camera image and displays it in a Qt widget using OpenGL? I'm trying to achieve this for days and while I got an image via GStreamer and even managed to implement some corner detectors, I haven't been able to get it to run using Qt and OpenGL despite of extensively trying to do so. Any help would be greatly(!) appreciated - I'm going insane about this ^^ If you should choose not to provide any code, a good reference would also be very helpful (I haven't fully understood how Qt and GStreamer cooperate, yet). If you are willing to provide an example for educational purposes, but do not want to publish it here, I can of course give you my email address.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,