This is quite a funny situation I am finding myself in. A few days back, I wrote a simple, Midlet which captures the Lat/Lng value, and stores it in a file. I was using an E72 at that point of time. Now, when I try running the same code on a 5800, I don't get the desired output.

1. I have not made any significant changes to the code since then,
2. I don't have access to an E72 at this point of time, so I can't retest it on the same device,
3. I have checked the specs for 5800, and it supports JSR-179, and has a GPS chip in it as well.

Can anyone please help me out a little, with this?

Code Snippet :
// GPS location related
public static int GPS_horizontalAccuracy = 100;
public static int GPS_locationFixTimeout = 60;

// set the criteria and get the location provider
Criteria criteria = new Criteria();
try {
	// marker
	form.append("\n Entered Try-Catch Block...");
	LocationProvider locationProvider = LocationProvider.getInstance(criteria);
	// marker
	form.append("\n Got Instance...");
	Location location = locationProvider.getLocation(test.GPS_locationFixTimeout);
	// marker
	form.append("\n Got Locational Fix...");
	Coordinates coordinates = location.getQualifiedCoordinates();
	// marker
	form.append("\n Got Coordinates...");
	location_str = "(" + coordinates.getLatitude() + ", " + coordinates.getLongitude() + ")";

	// marker
	form.append("\n Done!");
} catch (LocationException e) {
	form.append("LocationException in getLocation");
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
	form.append("InterruptedException in getLocation");
} catch (IOException e) {
	form.append("IOException in getLocation");

Expected Output :
Entered Try-Catch Block...
Got Instance...
Locational Fix...
Got Coordinates...

Actual Output :
Entered Try-Catch Block...
Got Instance...
LocationException in getLocation
Location request timed out