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    Operator logo doesn't get saved. Wrong operator code?

    Hi all!

    For what I have seen, the question I have is also made by a lot of people in this forum. But it looks like no is answering to this one. Once again, here it goes:
    I am sending operator logos to nokia mobiles, the process is successfull except for the logo not being saved in the device. What am I doing wrong? The image is being sent ok so I suspect it is from wrong operator and network coding. Is supposition this correct?

    Thanks a lot!

    Posted by Lus Fraga, luisfraga@oninet.pt
    on January 09, 2002 at 20:57

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    RE: Operator logo doesn't get saved. Wrong operator code?

    Posted by Vincent de Lange, info@e-linesystems.com
    on January 09, 2002 at 21:50

    You are thinking right ! It is recommended that you first find out youre country ID and your operatorid. The operator logo you have send to youre NOKIA phone is saved, but isn't displayed because the operator is sending it's own code.
    for example in Holland : mmc : 02F4 (204 country code)
    mnc : 80 (08 kpn)

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    RE: Operator logo doesn't get saved. Wrong operator code?

    Could you tell me where I can find the operators codes ( MCC + MNC) for San Salvador.
    Can you help me
    Thank you

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    Re: Operator logo doesn't get saved. Wrong operator code?

    HELLO EVERYONE !! HERE IS A TRANSPARENT LOGO FOR S60 phones.. i use nokia 6630 and it works wonderfully ok for me..
    i created it with picture paint programs.. you can download it from link below.. but thats not enough.. you will see the bmp file's name is 286 something.. thats my operator's (tcell) code.. you should change it to your operator's number.. and send this bmp file to your phone and put it in

    DO RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE!! it to your harddisk and then send it to your phone with bluetooth or cable. and use filemanager 1.0.4 or Fexplorer 1.15 for 6630

    here is my phone's screenshot.
    right click and save (sorry if it says denial) but you can still save it to your pc with right click...

    AND here is a GOOD tip!!..
    after you placed your logo picture with the correct code YOU DONT NEED TO restart your phone everytime to see if it worked or not.. (only for 6630 and s60 phones) change your profile to offline mode (flight mode from the shutdown button once). This will turn off your operator service and the logo too and then change the phone's mode, back to normal (General) mode and wala ! you will see your operator logo dissappeared if only! you did everything correctly !!

    here is another link which will give you some different countries operator codes and help you to understand everything more clearly!!



    add me from msn messenger if you wanna ask sumthin or share information..
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