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    Installing binary under OS 7

    Good evening

    I download binary TTS software for symbian since:

    In the readme I found the following instructions:

    MBROLA Symbian v0.0.1
    1. Transfer the MBROLA voice database to file 'E: \ Mbrola \ Db' On Your MMC
    2. Transfer 'MBROLA.EXE' to the Sami dir
    3. Create 'E: \ Mbrola \ input.pho' and fill it with data input
    4. Run 'MBROLA.EXE'

    after launch Mbrola.exe from the file manager, I get the error:

    Execution can not file for security reasons

    knowing well that I have a Nokia 6600 OS 7. What can I do? Thanks.

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    Re: Installing binary under OS 7

    This forum is intended for discussions about creating installation kits for Symbian applications, reading a readme file and copying files to a memory card doesn't exactly fit the profile.

    You have to go back and read the readme.txt file, which in fact tells you to place the exe in the same directory where your application is, application which will then start the Symbrola.exe process, with some parameters. Is your application installed in E:\Mbrola? I don't think so. It would be in E:\System\Apps\Mbrola at best.

    To be in line with this forum's profile, you should look into adding the Symbrola.exe and the data files to your application's SIS file, so that no file copying is needed.
    -- Lucian

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