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    Authorize an application to manipulate files

    Hello everyone,

    My project, this year, was to create an application (called Tracker) that saves expenses of a user. It works perfectly well on my emulator so I decided to try it on a phone (right now, the phone is a Sony Ericsson W205)
    This is the first time I programmed an application and it has been a lot of struggle through out this year.

    Below, I explain my steps, so tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks a lot ! :-)

    The files are saved and stored in a folder called root1. I access it using this command : (FileConnection) Connector.open("file:///root1/data.txt", Connector.READ_WRITE);

    First of all, I take the Tracker.jar file from the c:/.../Tracker/dist folder and send it to the phone via an USB link.
    The application installs itself correctly on the phone.
    When I try to launch it to see it in action in a phone, I get a message that asks me if I want to authorize the application to write on local file system. I try to confirm, but either the application freezes, or a second message alert shows up showing the same thing.
    How can I disable this security check ?

    I have no mean of deploying my application yet has it's purpose was for me to learn how to program such application. This is just to show to my supervisor the work I've done and how it works on mobiel device. For the presentation, I will also be using my Sony Ericsson.

    I've heard a lot about signing the application, but is only if I want to spread it out.
    I am using Netbeans and j2me. It works perfectly well (as I said) on the netbeans' emulator with a maximum security domain.

    Thank you for you time ! I hope I've made myself clear enough.
    Thank you for your help !


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    Re: Authorize an application to manipulate files

    Signing is a complicated area, and involved spending money. If you're interesting, start here. But I recommend you avoid signing.

    Also in the wiki: information about alternatives for storing data persistently. RMS might suit you better.


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    Re: Authorize an application to manipulate files

    Hi Graham

    So, how do I avoid the security check ? The message asks me if I authorize the application to change data in my file. How do I disable this message ? (like I did with netbeans)
    Someone told me that the only way is to sign the application...

    As for RMS, i'm actually using XML files. I won't change it now, because I don't have time to do it. But after, this summer, I will try using RMS.
    Thank you for your help !


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    Re: Authorize an application to manipulate files

    Yes can educate the user to go to the application security settings on the device and change to ask only once or allow always.
    But these options may not be available on some devices till the application not signed to at least trusted 3rd party domain.


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