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    Can you have an image larger than a real device's screen size???

    I have an image that is bigger than the 128 * 128 size of my Nokia 6610's screen and my app doesn't run (it loads fine) on the real device ("File too large") but it works ok in the emulator. I wondered if this might be due to one of my png files being bigger than 128 * 128.



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    an image bigger than just 128 x 128 is not the problem as Series 40 devices can use Series 60 sized (176 x 208) images easily. I recall that with some of the earlier Java supporting models by us there was actually an upper limit for image size and in that case it was 254 x 254 pixels. What size of an image are we talking here in your case?

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    Heap size on emulator maybe larger than real device.
    try reducing your image color(to 256 color).

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