I have a Broadcomm USB Bluetooth Dongle, is there any way to connect AppTRK and PC Suite via Bluetooth using this dongle?
When I try to use it I get the following error:

Cannot use the connection type. Check that all the needed hardware, software, and drivers are available.

I have the Bluetooth Dongle drivers installed and I can connect to it for tethering. I read somewhere that I need to create a serial port connection to my device but I'm not able to do that, I got the Bluetooth Serial Port server running on my PC and I can establish a serial connection between two PCs or between a PC and a Windows Mobile phone but not with my e71x nokia phone.

If I try to pair with the PC from the device it automatically connects to the Bluetooth Audio Gateway service (if I do the same on a Windows phone I get a list of the services running on the PC and I can select the COM port (which usually appears as ActiveSync on the list but it's really a COM port.

If I try to pair with the phone from the PC it shows the list of services on the phone, including the ActiveSync service which is really a COM port, but if I select it it doesn't connect or even save the connection details as it normally does with a Windows phone.

I don't like using USB because the rubber cover for the USB connector on the phone wears out pretty quick (to the point that it won't even close when it's worn out) if you use it often.