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    Cool Opinions and observations

    I thought I would share my comments on the new look of FN here..

    Overall :
    its amazing and I completely like it..

    on FN HomePage:
    Fresh looks.
    At the bottom the REGIONAL SITES, after clicking the drop-down menu, I am not able to collapse it again. Or when I click outside, it does not go in.
    Under every news heading, we have NOKIA DEVELOPER NEWS repeating. Do we have other news sources and should mention them all the time ?

    on DESIGN:
    This is way better as we have Design related resources, news together.

    on DEVELOP:
    There is a imbalance as there are only 2 items in HIGHLIGHTS panel but the left panel extends quite far.

    // same as above

    on Wiki home Page:
    There seems to be only a image-level change here.. not a complete re-engineering of UI.
    there is the same imbalance due to more articles/panels in one side.
    Suggestion : The Carousel type of panes.

    on DiBos:
    The pane to the left needs spacing and grouping. it currently looks all stuffed up..
    Inside a DiBo thread, at the bottom the buttons CONTACT US, NOKIA, ARCHIVE dont appear on Mouse over ( the text becomes white and hence invisible).
    in Dibo New thread screen, THE SUBMIT NEW THREAD doesn't is not prominent.

    on Wiki articles..
    They dont look very appealing, They appear without breaks.. Is this the CSS issue Ron was telling this morning ?

    The Share Icon(green arrow with +, in the top) doesn't condense on Mouse RollOut or Mouse Click-outside.

    Looking forward to your discussion in this topic and improvement suggestions to our Wiki

    Ps : All comments based on observations made in Chrome 5.0 on my Win 7.
    Twitter - manikantan_k
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    Re: Opinions and observations

    Hi there, manikantan!

    Happy to hear you liked the new looks this much! =)

    Also thank you for this very comprehensive analysis and feedback! I am sure they have been very much appreciated by the site development team.

    I will gladly *up* this message, for your request on open discussion in this topic and improvement suggestions towards the wiki.

    Best Regards,
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][I]Marko Lumivuori
    Technical Support
    +358 40 8019330

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