hi all, this is a pretty interesting issue i am working with.

i'd like to be able to determine via an API call/whatever what the pen x,y and down states are on symbian. to give you an idea, the API would look something like:

PenGetState(int *x, int *y, boolean *penDown);

while current Series 60 devices do not have pen support (well, emulator does) it is something that doesn't seem to be supported by symbian at all! (UIQ70 devices will need this functionality for sure). does anyone know the combination of API calls to determine if the pen is still behind held down on the screen? ideally, this would be used to implement pressing and holding a button until it the pen is lifted (and, show some 'pressed visual feedback').

i have also been working with Key events, and, i have called:


but, to no avail.. it doesn't seem to let me detect if more than one key is pressed. i would like to know if the user has pushed left+up on the keypad for example. is there something special with the event handling to determine this? any examples?