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    Profile dates don't match

    When I look at the date left of this message, it says I'm a member since March 2003. When I look at my profile page, it says I joined 1 January 2000. Not sure which one is true, but "1 Jan 2000" does sound very suspicious.



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    Re: Profile dates don't match

    Having two dates in itself is probably fine, one for registering to FN (in order to download an SDK for example), and one for starting contribution. 1st of January is a strange date though.

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    Re: Profile dates don't match

    This doesnt seem to be a general issue. Seems fine for me atleast. Hope this info helps the investigation.

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    Re: Profile dates don't match

    Just checked your profile and it says,

    Join Date 2003-03-18
    1 Jan 2000 - was used as a default date for Birth Date before the Forum Nokia renewal.
    Pankaj Nathani

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