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    QtMobility Messaging API: InstantMessage and XMMP does/will it work? when?

    There seems to be, or seems that there will be a way to access instant messaging services through QtMobility. There is currently a QMessage::InstantMessage Type, and even the QtMobility tp and tp2 branch documentations available online at:


    mention in the messaging API that:

    A unified interface for manipulation and storage of SMS, MMS, Email and XMPP messages is provided.
    The other day I compiled and tried the latest master branch at

    and this was not possible, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to do instant messaging with any of the tp branches. Does it work?
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    Re: QtMobility Messaging API: InstantMessage and XMMP does/will it work? when?

    If something is part of the Mobility API it doesn't mean that the specific platforms back-ends support that feature.
    So you can download the old tp code but I don't think that backend for XMPP sending were ready.

    Anyway that feature has been removed from the 1.0.0 for some reasons..
    For sure the Maemo5 one doesn't have it... despite it's possible to send XMPP msgs through telepathy-qt4.

    If you need this feauture on Maemo5 you can use libtpsession or use directly telepathy-qt4.
    Tpsession is the easy way.

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