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    how to get the coverage by CTC

    I need use CTC to get the coverage about the plugin source files by running my testcase. In general, we can get the coverage of some files by running the testcase if they are in the same project. But now, the plugin source file and my testcase didn't locate at a same project. So any one has the experiences? Thank you !

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    Re: how to get the coverage by CTC

    Not too many details in your question but here are some generic guidelines: Build all code that you want to measure with CTC instrumentation enabled (e.g. using ctcwrap abld). Make sure the symbol and data files (mon.sym, mon.dat by default) for all instrumented components are the same. You can change it with ctcwrap's -n option. If you have the same source files in multiple MMP files (e.g. plugin DLL and unit test ), make sure CTC identifies them as the same by e.g. using the SOURCE_IDENTIFICATION=absolute_without_drive configuraiton option.

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