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    Unhappy conversion of .vcf to .nbu


    i switched from from SE P910i to Nokia E 63
    i want to convert .vcf to .nbu as my old contacts was in .vcf format in SE and for Nokia E63 I need .nbu format

    Can anyone help me in this regards i will be really thank full.



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    Re: conversion of .vcf to .nbu

    Forum Nokia does not offer a vCard import service so I don't think this is a valid feedback For end user discussions please use http://www.nokia.com/discussions

    The *.vcf is a vCart file and Nokia E63 supports it. I have no idea really what *.nbu is, I'm guessing is the PC Suite created backup file, but that file is not intended to be used by the phone. So just send the *.vcf files to the phone via Bluetooth and then open them from Inbox. A faster solution would be to import the *.vcf files into Outlook and then to sync it with the phone using PC Suite. There may be other ways to go around the problem, just have a look at the forum indicated above.
    -- Lucian

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