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    Connecting via TRK

    Hi, I've been trying to connect to a nokia e71 based on the instructions I found in this guide-


    However, when installing TRK, the phone claims the program is not compatible with it; I decided to see if it would work anyway, and when I run the program to try and open a connection, I get the following error message

    Status: Not connected
    Error in finding the serial port record
    Error Code: -6004

    I've connected the phone to my computer via USB, and have had no trouble installing anything on it or copying things around (Nokia PC Suite works fine). Not sure what I need to do to make it work at this point.

    I can't debug or test a program without being able to run it through the phone. I've seen suggestions that I might need to upgrade the version of TRK, but my google-fu appears to be too weak to find a more current one. Is there a method I can use to get TRK working?

    EDIT: Solved the issue within literally seconds of writing the thread, I'm an idiot. Can't seem to delete it though.

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    Re: Connecting via TRK

    It is not possible in the E71 to debug on the device.

    The S60_5th_edition phones are supported only..

    5800, N97 are the supported phones,
    Just check the below web:


    Best regards,

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