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    Smile ItemState Listener

    hi ,
    Am doing a application where i have a choice group and a textfield in a form....under the choice group i have 3 options...
    where when i select a particular option i need to display a corresponding value for the selected one in the below textfield....say for example if the value for the first choice field is 5 means, then when i select the first choice field i need to get the value 5 corresponding to it in the below text field....similarly for the other 2 choice field..

    Can any one please send me a sample code ...

    With regards

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    Re: ItemState Listener

    Hello Deva,

    I guess the same kind of discussion held here just what differe is that you are here passing the selected value to the next to next form and that's all.Here you need not to pass the value to the form just get the string for the selected index and then just draw the same inside the choicegroup.

    Hoe this sounds to you?
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: ItemState Listener

    Please ref. to this thread, it my help - http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...-to-a-new-form

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