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    Compilation problems using ARMV5 configuration

    Hi all,

    My project compiles using the WINSCW toolchain, but when trying to target a device, using the RVCT armv5 compiler, I get an error upon link. Here's the error:

    Fatal error: L6002U: Could not open file \<my_epoc_root>\release\ARMV5\udeb\usrt4_0.lib: No such file or directory

    Isn't it missing ? or am I missing brains ;)


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    Re: Compilation problems using ARMV5 configuration

    First question: Have you installed the RVCT compiler? It isn't part of the Symbian/S60 SDKs, but must be obtained separately. Otherwise, use GCC that comes with the SDK.

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    Re: Compilation problems using ARMV5 configuration

    The name usrt4_0.lib suggests that you have installed RVCT 4.0, which will not work with S60 SDK-s (if you check that folder, you will find usrt....lib, just it is not for RVCT 4.0). Search for rvct on http://developer.symbian.org, and you can read about versions and licensing in the first hit (quick start). In short: there is no free RVCT for S60 SDK-s.
    If you have no idea what you are doing, note that there is a GCCE target, with a completely free toolchain, already bundled with the SDK (in the case when you have managed to say no when the SDK installer asked, it can be installed via "CSL Toolchain (GCCE) - Install", in the Start Menu folder of the SDK).

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