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    Single or multi SIS for different platforms ?

    HI all,

    I'm about to publish an app for S60 3'rd edition FP1 and FP2.

    What's the best way to go:

    1. One SIS for both ? (I'm not sure its possible but I think it is).
    2. Publish twice, each platform with its own SIS ?

    Does method 2 implies extra cost ?

    In method 2 - what will OVI users see when browsing the shop, two seperate "products" ?


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    Re: Single or multi SIS for different platforms ?

    Basically it is up to you how you want to pack it. If you can develop one executable that works on both, then just go with that. Also you could consider having conditional clauses on the sis that uses different executables for different devices.

    Or you could simply build and pack two separate versions. With separate sis files, you would of course need to sign two sis files, so it is 10 Euroes more expensive.

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    Re: Single or multi SIS for different platforms ?

    1. is possible without any problem. You can simply check version of symbian or phone model during installation and install only specific .exe for right phone
    2. You will need to sign two sis

    In ovi store you have 1 product with multiple distribution files ( sis file per model/device group)

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