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    graphics issues on symbian devices


    I'm currently working on a project with Qt for Symbian and have some troubles at adapting the user interface for symbian devices. It would be great if anybody could post hints how to solve these problems, which mainly occur on the devices (i'm testing on a 5800XM and N95 8GB, so a touch and non-touch device). It's a pity that the results of QtSimulator quite often don't match the ones on the devices, making the development quite cumbersome

    So, here are some of the my issues:
    1. If i change the color of a QPushButton in the styleshet (so the color of the font), there is also displayed a border around the label inside the QPushButton if the button is focused. I have tried all the suggested pseudo-states like, focus, and have also tried setting the flat-attribute of the button, with no success. I cant change the border to "none", because I DO want to have a border around the button, but not around the label inside the button.

    2. Another issue concerns the QListWidget: i present all my data in a QListWidget and customized the widget style by using setItemWidget() which works well. However, to be able to scroll in this list on the non-touch device, i first have to "click" (pressing the middle softkey) at the list and afterwards the softkeys "Done" & "Exit" appear. Is there a way to somehow overwrite these softkeys at the QListWidget with own ones and to avoid forcing the user to click at the list before he can navigate through the list items? Otherwise this would not be a good user interaction and very confusing for the standard user.

    3. The next issue is about the border around the active (focused) widget at non-touch devices: is there a way to remove that border? I have again tried the stylesheet tags focus and so on, but again without success. The reason for my intention to disable it, is that it does not make sense to display this border if only 1 QListWidget is displayed and no different one can be focused.

    4. Another problem arises if I use a QComboBox as an own widget for a list item: Because it gains the focus by default and so doesnt allow navigation through the list (by querying the currentItemChanged signal), I had to change the focuspolicy of the combobox to NoFocus. However, if I get informed about a click on the item (by signal itemClicked) I cant display the comboBox - i would have tried to call showPopup() on the combobox, but nothing is displayed. Is there a solution how i can use a QComboBox as a listItemWidget or any other approach i dont see right now?

    5. Are there any default/standardised widgets for symbian to display error messages with user confirmation (a simple OK button would be enough) or do I have to implement them by myself? In Android for instance there do exist such (often-used) alertBoxes for the whole system which look the same at every application displaying them. Is there also a kind of standardised progress bar displaying that the application is loading (e.g. sending an http request)?

    I hope some questions can be answered & thanks in advance,
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    Re: graphics issues on symbian devices

    #5 is the easiest: QMessageBox. Unfortunately, as implemented on Symbian it's got limited text area and is a tad ugly, but it's very simple to use.

    I'm not sure what you're talking about for #1. It's relatively easy to style push buttons (though it does take a while to learn all the tricks of the trade). Re #2 and #4, I try to avoid using the phone's controls for navigation, instead defining my own buttons. You can solve some of your problems by manipulating the focus in your program, though.

    There is a fix for #3, but I'd have to dig around for it, and it's a tad messy.

    All in all you've identified a particular problem with Qt -- the control widgets are not well designed for hand-held use -- they're really for desktop applications.

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    Re: graphics issues on symbian devices

    #1 is a Symbian bug it was already investigated in details in this forum. For #3 change focusPolicy to Qt::NoFocus.

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    Re: graphics issues on symbian devices

    In short get Qt 4.6.3, which is JUST released.

    Longer answers for some of your issues:

    #1 is fixed to latest and greatest Qt release 4.6.3. See http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-10549.

    #2 is also fixed to 4.6.3. See http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-4802.

    #3 There is also QErrorMessage for this (QMessageBox is slightly easier to use).
    There are some fixes for the messagebox dialogs to be more native-like in the 4.6.3.

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