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    Question about SMS support!!!

    Hello, who can help me with my question:

    1) which hand sets of NOKIA suppot WMA?

    2) which hand sets of NOKIA provide SMS API themselves?


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    Nokia 3410
    has Nokia SMS API and WMA api (new SW release from DEC / 02)

    Nokia 3650 supports WMA
    Nokia 3300 supports WMA

    Please see the latest information from www.nokia.com

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    SMS application on 3410

    Hello jalev,

    I'm working on a SMS application for 3410.

    But when I'm trying to deploy this application to the phone for testing, the Nokia Development Suite could not find any connected devices in deployment window.

    I have bought a seriel cable type MA-7650 for 3410, and has connected it to COM1 and COM2.

    Somehow Nokia Development Suite can not reconize the 3410.
    I want so much to deploy the application, and I'm confused.

    What shall I do?

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