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    Question Use Antenna with Nokia SDK

    Hi all,

    Does someone know a way to use Antenna to build package for a Nokia n97.

    On the Antenna's web site it says that Antenna was test with thos but in my PC I got the message "Unknow toolkit" and in the lib directory there is no midp*.jar library to compile the app.

    Does someone have the solution?


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    Re: Use Antenna with Nokia SDK

    You will need to set the path to the runtime library JARs manually, if Antenna doesn't know the specific SDK you're using.

    <property name="wtk.home" value="c:/whateversdk"/>
    <property name="wtk.midpapi" value="${wtk.home}/lib/midp.jar;${wtk.home}/lib/cldc.jar"/>
    (depending on where your SDK is installed, and what library JARs you need).


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    Re: Use Antenna with Nokia SDK

    Hi, I have made a J2ME project . I am using the LWUIT library in my project. There is only one midlet in it. I exported the antenna build files and then right click on the mtj-build.xml file and then selected 'Run as Ant Build Alt+Shift+X, Q'. It shows in the console build successfully.

    When i try to install the jad in my emulator i get and 'Application Error' . When I click on details , It reads 'Class Not Found java/lang/ClassNotFoundException com/myapplication/package'

    When i extract the Jar file , I find that the code isn't obfuscated and it does not contain the .class file of my project.

    What could I have done wrong? what am i missing?

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    Re: Use Antenna with Nokia SDK

    might be your pc has older ant installation? check the jar creation part in mtj-build.xml file.

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