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    One SIS file for diffrent SDK versions

    Hi, I’m building my application both for FP1 and FP2 devices. So I get two different sis files.

    Is it possible to merge these sis files so I only get one so when I’m installing the app the device chooses the correct SDK version?

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    Re: One SIS file for diffrent SDK versions

    Havent tried, but you could try something like this
    ;Check device is 3rd FP2 device
    IF EXISTS("z:\system\install\Series60v3.2.sis") 
    ....install something
    ;Check device is 3rd FP1 device
    ELSEIF EXISTS("z:\system\install\Series60v3.1.sis")
    ...some files related to FP1
    If you dont have special library files which are not compatible, you could try and use a single FP1 sis file to install on both.

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