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    Selling client / server application

    I have developed an application that consists of two parts; a S60 application and a MS Windows application running on PC. These applications are connected via Bluetooth, the idea is similar to Bluetooth remote control. So these applications are clearly useless without each other.

    Can I distribute my S60 application freely on Ovi Store and sell my Windows application via my own website? I am not selling the S60 application on another store as it is free, customer is only paying for the Windows application.

    Reason for this kind of arrangement would be lack of content protection on Ovi Store. I feel protecting Windows application is easier, for example online activation should be pretty effective against piracy.

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    Re: Selling client / server application

    if you read the publicer guide, it clearly states that all revenue must come from Ovi store, thus as far as I undersatnd that, you can not sell add-on's through other stores. Anyway, for clear answer from Ovi personel, you could always send email to the ovi publis account.

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