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    Exclamation Nokia X6 and updated Ovi Client wont allow correct entry U.K. Card number

    She got an new Nokia X6, wanted Ovi Store.Did update after registering, OK.

    Tried to purchase via U.K. Visa card. Could not enter credit card # correctly..

    The N97 bypass this problem by using keyboard, but on Nokia X6 this is all screen keyboard.

    Its not the phone firmware checked Ovi Suite is up to date.

    Tried in portrait but this uses SMS and T9 keys interferes,by default

    you have to enter in landscape and the keyboard comes and goes, some error occurs, perhaps non-printable character.
    The fails validation, but where just cannot enter properly on phone some check occurs and spits out card number

    Is this just an X6 problem with new client?. or problem with new phone. Just upgrades from factory version.

    The only way to fix this would to factory reset and use the old version, stop upgrade, but then that leaves other bugs, even if this does work

    If this is the client problem please test and fix,
    Writers ask why the credit cards are NOT used. May be this is a reason why!

    The N97 leaves this in text mode for the Credit card number
    Surely this would help if this set Numeric

    Now got the lock problem on N97 wont bring up the screen keyboard, keyboard comes and goes.

    This on N97 is worse than the X6 because the card owners name wraps on the screen even in landscape and is entered as text message.

    I cannot test on X6 because belongs to another work friend.

    She is using SMS! now.

    Does this happen on 5230 or other touch phones.

    My memory is this used to work on touch phones.

    Update: another link to similar problem


    Update2: apparently there is a similar problem with the Nokia Music store entering the card number which locks onto numeric but cannot even enter the numbers onto the screen.
    Perhaps the X6 is "different" in the coding.

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