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    File too large to download using WAP


    I am using the WAP API of the WSP protocol to download a large file (order of 90K) with Nokia 7650.

    I have written a code that works for files smaller than 300 bytes, but nothing happens with larger ones (not EMoreData, nothing. I have checked, I have these error messages if I want with my file smaller than 300 bytes).

    I use my own gateway, and I have set the packet size to 1000 bytes. With the WAP browser given with the phone, I can download my file, and each packet is of size 1000 bytes (body).

    Does someone have an idea of why I could have such a limit?

    Thank you,


    Thats the code I use, please note that I do not know what to put as headers or body and so I have left them empty.

    iRemoteHost.Append(KMyHost); // IP address of the WAP server
    iRemotePort = 9201; // port that connects to the gateway

    /*Creation of the WAP session (on the mobile) iWSPConnection to
    the WAP server iWAPSession (client side of the wap server on the mobile)
    at the address iRemoteHost
    on the port iRemotePort
    through any local port
    using te IP bearer (contrary to a SMS bearer)
    without using a secure connection (protocol WTLS)*/
    err = iWSPConnection.Open(iWAPSession, iRemoteHost ,iRemotePort ,0 ,EIP ,EFalse);
    if ( err == KErrNone){

    // we define the capabilities of the connection that is going to be used
    CCapCodec * Cap = CCapCodec::NewL();
    Cap->Reset(); // initialised to the default values
    Cap->SetClientSDUSize(90000); // 90 000 bytes => have to use SAR
    Cap->SetServerSDUSize(90000); // 90 000 bytes => have to use SAR
    // connect to the server using these capabilities
    err = iWSPConnection.Connect(ClientHeaders, Cap);
    if ( err == KErrNone){
    RWAPConn::TMethod Method = RWAPConn::EGet; // we will invoke a GET method
    /* We create a transaction through the session iWSPConnection
    that will be a GET Method
    of the file defined by URI
    as it’s a GET method, no body is required
    nor any headers
    and we are returned the id of this transaction iWSPTrans at WSP level*/
    err = iWSPConnection.CreateTransaction(Method, iURI, iBody, iHeaders, iWSPTrans);
    if ( err == KErrNone){
    err=iWSPConnection.GetEvent(aEvent,iWSPTrans); // Synchronous call –which can be set as asynchronous- to know when the transaction has been successfully created. It is mandatory for continuing the transaction
    err = iWSPTrans.GetData(iBuf, RWSPCOTrans::EResultBody); // The result contained in the body of the transaction is stored in the buffer
    if(iBuf.Length()>0){ // we ensure that we have some data
    iWFichier.WriteL(iBuf, iBuf.Length()); // and we write it to the destination file
    ret= KErrNone;
    }else{ret=-2;break;} // an error has occured
    }while(err==RWAPConn::EMoreData ); // we repeat this process until we have obtained all the requested data
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