Hi all,
Today I udpated my E63 to the last one 410.21.010 and when I want to connect to internet alwaays connect to the gprs and not ask me to choose : "Always ask". I was trying to find this "always ask" but I can't find it.
I surf the internet looking for manual and they explain that :

Easy! 1. Go on the main menu, and click "Web". 2. click "Options" and then scroll down and click on "Settings". 3. Click on "General" then click "Access Point". 4. Click "Always Ask". Next time you click on a link from the Ovi store or browse the web you can choose what acces point you want. e.g. Planet 3 or search for WLAN (Wi-Fi).

But I can'y find it!! Not in my E63 I can't find the "always ask"
thank you for any help