Hi Everyone,
I have just started to work with Nokia wrt and am having trouble setting up a useful development environment and would like any tips people have on how to work with wrt.

I am running Vista with aptana and the symbian V3 0.8 sdk.

I am unsure of how to get debug information (logs, errors (other than using alert everywhere)) out of aptana.

I can not get it to deploy to emulator, never seems to be any emulator to choose from.

I can not get it to deploy to device (n97) over bluetooth, it finds device but then says can not deploy to device, with no useful information when acutally trying to deploy.

The Symbian^3 seems to crash on startup 80% of the time (where it will work for a morning, then not work for a day or two). Sometimes if i start a n97 emulator the ^3 will start, but wihtin an hour or two it will crash and then not start again. I have tried turning of realtek audio, this does not help.

So really not having much luck and wanted anyones tips on how to setup debugging & the emulators, or just know that wrt development is like this for everyone?