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    Arrow [Ask] Get longitude and latitude without WRT and J2me

    after i read this
    read this

    I'm developing an application based Loaction service. but having trouble. for that I ask in this forum.
    I develop applications with static google maps API. (web based) and the nokia simulator with GPS.

    I asked if there was a direct libraray javascript can obtain data on latitude and longitude coordinates? without making WRT first, so I am providing a button on my website, then with the existing library can get the longitude and latitude of users.

    or whether I could make a WRT application to get koorinat GPS function and also as a shortcut into my web.
    maybe I have a picture like this ..
    WRT click the shortcut, then get a GPS location, and directly go to my website by sending gps coordinates http://mywibsite.com.index.php?long=xxx&lat=xxx

    thanks before ..

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    Re: [Ask] Get longitude and latitude without WRT and J2me

    I should think that you cannot create a web page sitting on a web server somewhere, and the page (with embedded JavaScript) would get the GPS coordinates of the browser client device.

    A WRT app installed locally should work (if the device has a new enough WRT version).

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