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Thread: Qml to C++

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    Qml to C++

    I have a class defined in C++ called RssItem and exposed to QML with
    qmlRegisterType<RssItem>(...). In Qml I am accessing an XmlListModel and
    inside the delegate I am creating a RssItem object for each item in the
    model that is displayed in a listview in qml. At some point when clicking
    on the item in list, I take the RssItem object and pass it back to C++. I
    was assuming that it is passed as a RssItem * but I get a segmentation
    fault. What am I missing?
    So the question is : C++ objects created in Qml are passed to C++ slots
    in what manner? How can they be accessed in C++. I am pretty sure I get a
    pointer in my Slot but it is not to RssItem.


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    Re: Qml to C++

    And the answer is, as Christian Kamm pointed on a Qt mail list, you actually don't get a pointer to RssItem but a Script value:

    void DownloadManager::addDownload(const QString &path, const QScriptValue & rssItemSV)
    RssItem * rssItem = qobject_cast<RssItem*>(rssItemSV.toQObject());

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