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    Cryptography API supporting encryption/decryption with MD5

    I need a Cryptography API supporting encryption/decryption with MD5 and the AES key spec. I looked at Open C libcrypt but it appears to support only DES encryption/decryption and password MD5 encryption. Is there something I'm missing about Open C libcrypt ? Can I use it to decrypt an MD5 encrypted message?

    The MD5 encryption library is a Java package. I need a C++ API to use on the device for decryption, preferably Qt.

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    Re: Cryptography API supporting encryption/decryption with MD5

    have ypu checked wiki for the additional packagae from symbian that includes the crypting APIs, also there are examples available in our wiki: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ption_of_files

    Also do check SDK docs for CMD5 API.

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