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    Constants from the TextField class

    Constants from the TextField class are used to specify the type of input required.
    It shows nothing if I write characters if I set the constraint as TextField.DECIMAL.
    But no error occur whatever I write ( for example just 123 ) if I set the constraint as TextField. EMAILADDR or TextField. URL????

    I am not clear with SENSITIVE and NON_PREDICTIVE.
    If we choose SENSITIVE, does it mean that the input will not be stored?
    If we don’t choose SENSITIVE, the input will be stored in the system?

    And regarding with NON_PREDICTIVE, does it mean that the system will not predict our input? For example, if I have logged in this site once as komomo, then at the second time when I try to log in, after I type the character ‘k’ , the system automatically shows komomo. If we choose NON_PREDICTIVE, the system will not show like that????
    Is that right?
    The emulator can predict like that?????

    And although I choose INITIAL_CAPS_WORD, the words I typed were not changed to capital letter. Similar problem with INITIAL_CAPS_SENTENCE. What is the purpose of using them?

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    Re: Constants from the TextField class

    The input hints don't necessarily impose any validation on the field. They are a hint to the implementation as to what kind of data you want, so that it can provide the user with appropriate help. For example, if you specify DECIMAL, the device can default to number entry rather than alpha. If you specify EMAILADDR, it can default predictive text off, and offer the user the option of selecting an email address from the address book.

    Use these by choosing the options that best describe what you want the user to enter, but remember that how each device uses this information will be different. Some devices will provide the user with useful help on inputting the right information; some devices might ignore it altogether. Remember that UI components are implemented according to each device's native user interface, and is subject to its particular limitations.


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