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    Question Use Symbian C++ SDK stuff with Nokia Qt SDK

    I've been trying to hide the status pane on a small Qt app for symbian; I found this code:

    #ifdef Q_OS_SYMBIAN
    #include <aknappui.h>
    #include <avkon.rsg>
    #include <eikspane.h>
    followed by this one after ui->setupUi(this); call:
    #ifdef Q_OS_SYMBIAN
        CEikStatusPane* statusPane = STATIC_CAST( CAknAppUi*, CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi())->StatusPane();
    and at last adding this to the .pro file:
    LIBS += -leikcore \
                 -leikcoctl \
                 -lavkon \
    but I'm getting some errors when I want to launch the app (such "undefined reference to 'CAknAppUi::StatusPane()'" and so)

    Does anywone know what I'm doing wrong?

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    Re: Use Symbian C++ SDK stuff with Nokia Qt SDK

    Which IDE/SDK do you use ?

    I only succeded with this kind of mix, in carbide + S60 5th sdk + qt for symbian sdk. But not with qt creator. I heard that in the nokia qt sdk there was no possibility about using this. I'm not realy sure if it's true, but well, it's works fine with carbide.

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    Re: Use Symbian C++ SDK stuff with Nokia Qt SDK

    Hi I too have the same problem. Just installed a clean install of QtNokiaSDK 1.0 but cannot use any c++ stuff (like hiding statuspane for example). How can I do that?

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