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    Reterive all available cell id on phone


    I can retrieve the current cell ID on which is connect right now but at that time phone has another 6 tower cell id and it's signal status, and as per the signal status phone connect on those tower cell ids, so i want to retrieve all of the cell ids with it's signal status.

    Is there any way to that please help me.

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    Re: Reterive all available cell id on phone

    As far as I'm aware, there are no public/published Symbian APIs for that. It is not even necessary for Symbian to be aware of such a thing, as it is in the domain of the, so called, "cellular stack" a.k.a. the modem software.

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    Re: Reterive all available cell id on phone

    Hello Amit,

    for 3rd Edition, or maybe also 5th Edition, I think it can only be done with private API from Nokia.

    Maybe skumar_rao can tell us, if it is possible by doing it with Symbian^3 opensource and reversing to old platforms.


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