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    QtMobility on Windows for Symbian header file problem


    I followed the instructions in INSTALL.symbian and unzipped qt-mobility-1.0.0-epoc32-5.0.zip and convenienceheaders.zip to the root of my subst drive, next to epoc32

    Unpacking qt-mobility-1.0.0-epoc32-5.0.zip unpacks binaries to:

    and header files to

    and plugin files to

    My project includes qsysteminfo.h. However the file cannot be found.

    qsysteminfo.h Is located in \epoc32\include\middleware\
    But all Qt include files are normally located (and found) in [QT_HOME]\include\, not epoc32\include

    The macro QTM_USE_NAMESPACE can also not be found.

    Do I need to add the location of the header files in my *.pro file?

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    Re: QtMobility on Windows for Symbian header file problem

    Did you try the Nokia Qt SDK? Mobility should be already there you don't have to install mobility libs separately.

    In case you want to use have already installed on your machine, you could check where is/are the mobility mkspec file. That file give to the compiler informations about the location of
    libs and include files.
    You can also check which path are used by QMake, just adding some lines like these
    in your application project file and then run qmake and make and see what is is printed out..
    You can check then check that your mobiltiy files are in the right place.
    I hope this help you..

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