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    An alternative to Kuneri Lite?

    I’m working on a project that allows users to download a file from a server and onto their phone, set a reminder/set a timer so that the application runs once a day and write xml files to the phone (although the last one isn’t essential) Originally the project was planned and budgeted around using Kuneri Lite, however we’ve just found out that Kuneri are no longer supporting the commercial version which we need as this is a commercial project!

    At the moment I can only think of two options left: the first one would be to use the getURL and download the swf files using the browser (which would be far from the polished product I’d like to produce) and use the Nokia service library (which doesn’t work on Symbian 3rd edition and I can’t even get their example to run on the n97). The other would be to use Carbide C++ to create my own wrapper (which would mean I’d need to dust off my C++ skills and take time to recreate functionality for Flash Lite, time for which wasn’t scheduled into the project plan)

    Does anybody know of anything that’s similar to Kuneri Lite and would allow me to quickly and easily do what I want?

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    Re: An alternative to Kuneri Lite?

    Actually, Kuneri Lite is the only active project for extending flash lite with number of plugins. There are few other servers but ofcourse it needs addition and knowledge of Symbian C++ as u need 3 feature like timer, download & writing to a file . Some open-source projects are:
    1- Janus Symbian (Open Source)
    2- FLS Server (Open Source)
    3- API Bridge (But i think u need to write a plugin for writing to a file and for setting a timer in Symbian C++)
    Moreover, u can make your coding easy by using local servers for flash lite written in Python like Flyer . But your product needs to have python runtimes which is again avoided by developers.

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